Sunday Round-Up

There is something pretty satisfying about a quiet Sunday. My boyfriend was working a 12-hour shift today, so things were definitely quiet. It was way too hot to hang around outside (unless you were hanging around in a beer garden, which is hear is unusual to do alone), so I decided to stay inside for a lazy day. What did you get up to?

Breakfast: A ratatouille-style riff on this lovely recipe, reheated in the oven and served with cous cous and feta, because I like to use up my leftovers.

Makeup: Quiet days call for letting your skin breathe and being fairly minimal (unless it’s your one day to play with your favourite crazy colours, of course). Today I used the Tartlette in Bloom palette, Tarte undereye corrector, Milk concealerBecca blush, Nudestix bronze highlighter, and this fun lipstick from Bite Beauty.

Workout: Lazy days, in particular, seem to call for the sweatiest workouts.

Bake: Chocolate chip cookies are my absolute favourite. I especially like to sneak pieces of the dough before I start to bake them off…

Dinner inspo: I saw this recipe and decided that tortellini with cream sauce was the only way to go. I already had asparagus in the fridge, and sour cream instead of heavy cream. I went way off the recipe-as-written-track with dinner, but really…how far wrong can you go with cheese, cheese, pasta, cheese, garlic, cheese, and cream?

Project: I am so desperate to grow my own vegetables, but it’s tricky when you live in a downtown apartment without any sort of porch, or wide windowsill. Even so, I have planted cherry tomatoes in my kitchen, and watch obsessively as they grow. If I can harvest even one tiny ruby gem, I will feel entirely pleased.

Podcast: Unfortunately, Sunday also seems to be the day where all the cleaning has to get done. I like to pop on a podcast to listen to while I scrub the bathtub. I am quite a fan of the beautiful Lisa Eldridge, so listening to her chat with Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton was a pleasure.

Drink: Because after scrubbing the bathtub, there has to be some reward (and also, tomorrow is Monday). I opted for some Sauvignon Blanc, which was what we somehow had on hand.


I would love to hear about your Sunday, too. Was it sleepy? Was it busy? I hope, above all else, that it was wonderful.



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