Summer Saturday

Do you have a summer to-do list? Unfortunately I don’t get two months off in the summer like I did when I was in school, so the warm, sunny months always seem to fly by really quickly. I try to keep a list of summer activities to get up to before winter returns and shuts me inside eating leftover Christmas chocolates. (I love leftover Christmas chocolates.)

Last Saturday my boyfriend and I decided to go out for a day of winery crawling (in a classy way.) We spent the day in Prince Edward County popping from winery to winery and topping up our tasting glasses. The clouds looked a little threatening all day, but never actually opened up on us.

What’s left on your summer list? All I can think about is crashing barbecue parties–our apartment doesn’t have a balcony, so we had to put the barbecue into storage after our last move. Camping is still on the list, too, although we tend to leave that for warmer fall days when the bugs aren’t quite as desperate to feed.

We’re already on the cusp of August…I’d better get moving on some more summer plans!



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