My cousin’s wedding recently brought my boyfriend and I out to Vancouver. Since we were already spilling money on the plane ticket, we figured we’d extend our stay a little bit and head to the interior: enter Kelowna.

We were only in Kelowna for a couple of days (in a shoulder season), so we had a brief overview of what the area had to offer — but we definitely enjoyed what we did see, like the unfiltered sunset above, hastily snapped on my cell phone camera.

The first morning, while my boyfriend went mountain biking for a few hours, I walked around downtown Kelowna.My favourite shops sold eclectic and lovely home decor things: amazing reclaimed-wood tables, quirky gold cutlery, bookcases with ladders, heavy cast-iron pots, Christmas decorations, etc. I really liked both Lakehouse and Alchemy — if you get the chance you should definitely check them out. Also, if you’re partial to a bit of ice cream, I highly recommend you add Parlour to your walk.

In the afternoon, we headed out to track down a couple of wineries. (It really isn’t hard to do — if you throw a stone it will soar through all least three tasting room windows.) We started at Mission Hill, which was stunning. You will have to excuse the lack of photos there — I was dealing with a bout of motion sickness from the drive and forgot to take any photos worth seeing. After forcing myself to drink some rather tasty whites, we popped by Indigenous for a snack (bannock with all the butter and all the cheese) and some mulled wine.


We had to drive back to Vancouver the next day, but wanted to squeeze in another activity before we headed out. We decided to go to the Myra Canyon Trestles first thing in the morning, because there were reports of snowy, stormy weather heading in. In the summer you can rent bikes to take along the trail. The day before our visit was the last day for bike rentals, unfortunately, but I would really like to do this if I ever find myself in the area again, just to cover more ground. It was still a really beautiful walk, with the odd snow flurry.

Our drive back to Vancouver was slushy at times along the Coquihalla highway, but still plenty beautiful. Again, excuse the hastily snapped photo. I wanted to capture the snow line on the mountain with the patch of vibrant fall leaves closer to the base (even if I’m the only one who can really tell you that’s what the photo shows).

Hopefully we can head out West again soon. My boyfriend suggested we try Kamloops next time. Have you ever been?


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